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World Cleanup Day 2018 Cambodia!!

Phnom Penh- With the invention of plastic, a light, durable and cheap material that is used for everyday activities and objects, the material has been overused since its invention and has become a hazard to both humans and animals.

The cities we live in become polluted with plastic and trash and so do the waters we drink and with this in mind, a change must happen, a change that will require people to unite to raise awareness and cleanup the streets.

Hosted by WorldCleanupDay Cambodia, the event’s name speaks for itself as it promotes clean living for all around us. It will happen on the 15th of September starting off from the Ministry of Environment where participants can join in for free by filling out an online registration form here, .

The agenda starts off from 6am-7am with a short briefing on strategy, with the remaining time of walking and collecting trash until 11am. An event as this will contribute highly to the community and the city we live in so it is highly encouraged to join and participants will receive a certificate of participation from the organization.

World Cleanup Day 2018 Cambodia.

World Cleanup Day 2018 Cambodia.

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