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Two Malls to Open on 60-meter Road by 2020!

Phnom Penh- With the construction of the 60-meter road in Phnom Penh finished, investments become ripe for the taking as big companies and corporations pour money into the development of the area. For this instance, 2 giant malls will open by 2020, one belonging to Peng Hout Group and another of Chip Mong Group.

PH Diamond Place, belonging to the Peng Hout Group costs some 60 million dollars in investment, spreads over a 6 hectares area of land is scheduled to open by 2020 after its construction started back March 2018.

A sample design of PH Diamond Place

Chip Mong Megamall, belonging to the Chip Mong Group, started its construction back in the end of August 2018, has some 252 million dollars in investment. The mall itself is within a project of Chip Mong Land called “The Landmark 271” which is situated along street 271 cornering street 371 and along the 60-meter road.

A sample design of Chip Mong Mega Mall

Via Dahlia