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Mumuso is Claimed to be A Fake Korean Brand by Koreans!

Phnom Penh: Recently, there was a video uploaded by Get Smart regarding to fake Korean products. Mumuso, which is claimed to be a fake Korean brand name, is one of the most popular shop that promote Korean cosmetics and various products. Mumuso products are all similarly labelled and designed to Korean products.

According to the video, there are 359 Mumuso flagship stores worldwide, while there is none in South Korea. There was an interview with Vietnamese girls about the perception of Mumuso products in Ho Chi Minh City. As a result, they regard it as the Korean products based on Korean alphabet, which is written on the products and in front of the store.

Moreover, the design of the Mumuso products is exactly the same to Korean that is difficult to differentiate from the Korean products.

There is also an interview with Korean citizens to distinguish the differences between Mumuso and Korean products, which hardly identify the original one. In addition, there is a discussion panel towards the Mumuso products and those words on Mumuso products make no sense to Korean people.

On the Mumuso’s webpage, there is a flag of South Korea and many Korean words; however, it is found out that the Headquarter is in China instead. The Korean man finally figures out the address written on Mumuso products and he decides to check it out. Eventually, the address on products is just a translation office for Mumuso, while the employees in the office have no idea where the Mumuso’s office is.

Korean Intellectual Property Office has said that Mumuso has established a company in Korea and it could not be confirmed the business activities in Korea.

Mumuso, Korean lifestyle brand symbolizes a simple, and vogue, is also located in Cambodia.

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