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Group of Villagers Gathered for Cleanup!!

Siem Reap- With the ever increasing amount of plastics, it is up to the users, us, to help clean and sustain the environment we live in, which was exactly what a group of villagers did in their village at Pouk District, Siem Reap.

The event went viral after a Facebook post including videos and picture by a user named “Ream Boret” was uploaded with a caption of him saying “Why do people not pay attention to the environment around us? If our house is clean, and our village is too, then the public would be left without any pollution which we then can rebuild our country’s pride and each and everyone’s well-being.”

Whether trash can be collected by a group of people, the little things start from us individually to be responsible in placing trash in trash bins and not recklessly on the ground.

Group of Villagers Gathered for Cleanup

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