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Charlie Puth to Perform in Phnom Penh This November

Phnom Penh- Hosting its annual Mega concert, and for its 5th year, Smart Axiata announces that the US popstar Charlie Puth, who will come down to Phnom Penh to perform on November 2nd as young teens cheer on and look forward to his arrival.

With his performance entry fees ranging from $50 to $200 in neighboring countries to Cambodia, his performance here will require participants to only prove they are active subscribers to Smart to receive a ticket. “We bring you these concerts to show that Cambodia is on the map for the big artists of the world,” said Thomas Hundt, CEO of Smart. Subscribers can now get their concert tickets at Smart shops dotted around in Phnom Penh.

Smart StreamOn2 and PowerPlus 2 subscribers can get two regular green passes and a free t-shirt and the option of an extra $2 top up for a second green pass. Smart @Home subscribers will get two premium passes a free t-shirt, and a set of the concert’s merchandise. PowerPlus8 and SmartStreamOn 8 subscribers will get one premium pass, one t-shirt and concert merchandise and also the option of a $10 top up for a second premium pass.

Charlie Puth will perform in Cambodia this November

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