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Camsocial Becomes One of the Judges in “2018 Flight Network’s World’s Best Journeys”

Phnom Penh- World’s Best Journeys is the collection of the top 50 incredible trips for travelers to set their favorite destinations to experience around the world. It provides the guide to the different tourist attractions with thrilling activities in the land of diverse natural and cultural views. Recently, Flightnetwork, a Canada travel agency has created the World’s Best Journeys post to showcase the top destinations around the world that you shouldn’t miss.

This year, Camsocial News has the honor to be one of the judges in the voting process including more than 500 travel journalists, agencies, bloggers, and editors to rank the world’s best journey experiences according to personal and professional experiences in each location.

Flight Network’s World’s Best Journeys for 2018 is a globally recognized list, depicting the most thrilling journeys and activities from every corner of our planet. After the voting process ended, Flight Network’s in-house travel experts analyzed and categorized the results, and created the official list of 50 journeys that are ranked based on the number of votes they received from the five hundred travel professionals who participated. The resulting list is a compelling collection of life-changing adventures. This collaboration provides the most thoughtful and detailed list of astonishing journeys to the tourists which inspire travelers to start their life-changing adventures during holidays.

One of the best destination in the top 50.

Camsocial, created in 2016, is a website focusing on latest local news happening in Cambodia. Moreover, Camsocial plays a role to present latest and viral contents in English, specifically on entertainment, society, sports and hot news happening in Cambodia. Being as one of the judges, this social website aims to facilitate the audiences to be ready for the trip by introducing the magnificent places around the world, from the massive glaciers in Antarctica to sparkling night skies of the Sahara. Additionally, you can also explore the magnificent creatures roaming the Galapagos Islands, or crystallized waters from the Aegean Sea to the Caribbean. Whether you are from New York, or Toronto, London, you can easily dive into the list and find your next adventure to enjoy the trips and create a memorable travelling experiences with your family and friends.

One of the top 50 destination around the world by World Best FilghtNetwork.

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