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Cambodia’s Landmine Hero Accused of Illegal Possession of Weapons

Siem Reap- Mr Aki Ra, a CNN Hero and former Khmer Rouge child soldier who works as a deminer and museum curator of The Museum of Landmines in Cambodia, Siem Reap, and his 2 other associates, were accused of possessing illegal firearms and arrested by authorities on the 27th of August.

As stated by the national police, Aki Ra and his associates, Euon Yun and Hanh Sokunthea were accused of possessing 9 hand grenades, 15 72A-type mines,6 rifles, 325 rifle bullets, 1 rocket launcher, 5 fire pins, 10kgs of small arms bullets, one box of det wires, one box of grenades, and many more. A suspicion was held towards them after an explosion was caused at The Museum of Landmines in Cambodia which led to fire which to the uncovering of the explosives and firearms.

Museum of Landmines

Aki Ra’s, (48 years old) recognition started off in 2005 with a book called “Children and the Akira Landmines Museum” was published in Japanese, listing him as the principal author. In 2006, Mitsurin Shōnen “Jungle Boy” manga by Akira Fukaya is published. The manga not only reports Aki Ra story, but also the meetings the author had with Aki Ra. A second time has been published in 2007 and a French translation, Enfant Soldat, has been published in 2009 by Éditions Delcourt. In 2010, he was selected as a CNN Hero, on CNN Top 10 heroes for 2010.

By 2012, Aki Ra was honored by the Manhae Foundation in South Korea with the 2012 Manhae Foundation Grand Prize for Peace and in 2013, he received the Paul P. Harris Fellowship for peace and conflict resolution from the Rotary Club of Gravenhurst, Ontario. Alot of speculation from the public wonders why a man such as Mr. Aki Ra, with such a good reputation for the country and himself would be accused of illegal firearms possessions, but the answers will have to wait.

Aki Ra has been arrested for possessing illegal weapon.

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