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ABA Bank Extends Operation Hour To Respond to an Increase Demand

Phnom Penh- After rehabilitation and renovation of ABA Headquarter, the bank extends the operation hours to full week in order to serve the public service, which is gradually increased in recent year.

The headquarter is located on the corner of Street 63 (Trosok Paam) and Sihanouk Boulevard, has extended the working hour from 8AM to 8PM and operate 7 days in a week, which offers an ease to customers who has a busy schedule on the weekday.

ABA bank has first established its business in Cambodia since 1996 and currently, there are 55 offices and 190 ATMs existing in Cambodia. The director of ABA plans to construct 11 offices at the end of 2018 with an aim to respond to the increase demand from local and foreign customers.

ABA, one of the best banks, offers a quick service and easy access to customers which can easily top-up phone bill and transfer money from one account to another by utilizing mobile app.

Via Sopheap Key